100% FAA Legal

  • Imagination Visions is an FAA 333 Exempted company. This allows us approval for closed set filming.

  • We carry general liability insurance with a policy up to $5,000,000

  • We handle all the FAA paperwork so you don't have to.



Need some help?

Let's take off! But before we do...


  • The FAA restricts our altitude to 400 feet. Anything higher we cannot do.

  • The FAA does require our pilots to operate the UAV from a stationary point. This means no chase vehicles of any type.

  • Different locations produce serious radio interference and may require a radio frequency site survey. We'll take care of this the shoot.


  • All of our flights must be done farther than 500ft away from any non participating people, vehicles, buildings, and vessels.

  • Your production is responsible for keeping this 500ft perimiter. No exceptions.

  • We are generally not allowed to fly within 5 miles of any airport. However, there are steps that allow us to do so.

  • Cal Trans will not permit drone filming on any state routes (California only). Click here for a list.